Demand-side solutions to avoid distribution upgrades from electric vehicles

Upcoming webinar on November 6, 2020

Electric vehicles are a climate solution on the rise but their impacts on the electricity system will be important to manage as their numbers grow. Energy Efficiency Alberta commissioned a study to explore the role energy efficiency, demand response, and smart charging can play in reducing electric vehicles peak impacts. Taking a local transformer-level approach, the study found that these demand-side solutions could avoid peak electricity overloading and cost less than upgrading the distribution system. Results also indicate energy efficiency and demand response cost less than smart charging but all three technologies are required to sufficiently reduce impacts at certain levels of EV uptake.


    • Jesse Row, Former VP, Corporate Performance, Energy Efficiency Alberta

    • Barend Dronkers, Energy Futures Lab Fellow
    • Natalie Irwin, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Efficiency Canada


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