Efficiency Canada Reacts to Energy Efficiency Changes in Ontario

cuts to energy efficiency spending in Ontario

Headline from the Ontario Government Newsroom today.


Toronto, ON – Efficiency Canada’s Executive Director, Corey Diamond, made the following statement in reaction to the Ontario Government’s announcement to scale back energy efficiency spending:

“Energy efficiency is the best bang for the buck for the people of Ontario. Saving a kilowatt-hour is cheaper than spending to generate one. Cuts to energy efficiency programs means reducing the lowest cost option in our electricity system.”

“The Government of Ontario has decided to take energy efficiency funding out of the electricity system, and fund it through general programming. We need to think of energy efficiency programs the same way we think of power plants – they feed Ontario’s electricity system. The benefits of energy efficiency programs, however, is that they provide the lowest-cost and highest-value electricity services to home and business owners.”

“Energy efficiency is a well-known job creation powerhouse – in Ontario alone, there is potential to create over 14,000 jobs each year, from electricity-savings programs. Scaling back on programs means fewer local jobs in communities across the province.”

“Energy efficiency is a fast-growing emerging sector in Canada’s economy. Thousands of small businesses work tirelessly to help homeowners reduce their energy bills and assist companies to cut energy waste from their operations. Supporting this booming economic activity should be supported by the Government of Ontario.”

“It’s simple. Nobody likes waste. Energy efficiency enables homeowners to reduce energy waste, which allows everyone to invest in things that really matter. Eliminating energy efficiency programs for homeowners will make it harder for the people of Ontario to save money.”

“Efficiency Canada looks forward to working with the IESO and all stakeholders in the energy efficiency sector to continue to promote the lowest-cost option for Ontario’s electricity system.”

Efficiency Canada is the national voice for an energy efficient economy. We advocate to make our country a global leader in energy efficiency. We convene people from across Canada’s economy to work together to advance policies required to take full advantage of energy efficiency. And we communicate how energy efficiency can build a more productive economy, sustainable environment, and socially just Canada.

Want to understand some of the context behind Ontario’s announcement on energy efficiency? Read our Ontario Backgrounder here.


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