Efficiency Canada reacts to Federal Government Announcement to use Carbon Pricing Revenues for Energy Efficiency Improvements in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Efficiency Canada Executive Director, Corey Diamond, made the following statements in reaction to the federal government announcement on carbon pricing and energy efficiency programs. 


“Extra support for well-designed small and medium sized business programs will more than offset carbon pricing costs. Efficiency programs can be targeted to those businesses with the highest energy bills, and efficiency delivers other benefits such as increased retail sales, and employee productivity.

“Small businesses and small manufacturers can face significant barriers to saving energy because of limited time, staff resources, and capital. Yet, these businesses can also achieve some of the largest reductions in their energy usage.” 

“We are pleased to be invited to the advisory committee on programming for small and medium-sized enterprises and not-for-profit organizations. We will aim to ensure that federal supports follow best practices in program design and that they complement existing programs operated by utilities and provincial governments.” 




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Lynsey Grosfield 
Communications and Media Lead