Efficacité Énergétique Canada réagit au Budget 2019

Ottawa, ON – Efficiency Canada’s Executive Director, Corey Diamond, made the following statement in reaction to Budget 2019 tabled today by Canada’s Minister of Finance, Hon. Bill Morneau:

“We are pleased to see the inclusion of more than $1 billion for energy efficiency actions in the Government of Canada’s Budget 2019. This is money that will be invested to help cities cut energy waste, and reduce costs for households, schools, hospitals and social housing.”

“Over $1 Billion for cities to invest in energy efficiency in Budget 2019, will create jobs and make energy more affordable for all Canadians.”

“Energy efficiency is a job creation powerhouse – capable of creating more than 118,000 jobs annually. In fact, you probably know someone in your community, that does this work. Investments, such as the one announced today, will directly lead to strong, local job creation for small businesses in cities across Canada.”

« It’s simple. Nobody likes waste. Energy efficiency enables homeowners to reduce energy waste, which allows everyone to invest in things that really matter. That’s something all Canadians want. »

“The announcement of a financing mechanism to enable Canadians to make their homes more efficient, is the most effective way to keep energy affordable. This can move us towards deep retrofits, capable of cutting household energy costs by 50%.”

“Canadian cities are at the forefront in driving the energy efficiency economy. Today’s announcement will provide the investment required to help schools become more efficient, hospitals to run better and households to be more comfortable.”

“We hear it everywhere we go – Canadians are prepared to chip in, if it’s easy for them to access the capital and services to help them save energy. Today’s announcement creates a simple way for that to happen.”