Efficiency Canada's joint submission to the OEB's Phase I Post-2020 DSM Framework consultation

Efficiency Canada’s joint submission (along with the City of Toronto, the Canada Green Building Council, and the Toronto Atmospheric Fund) to the OEB’s Phase I Post-2020 DSM Framework (Demand Side Management) consultation, which requests feedback on three high-level questions:

  1. Scope: Should the OEB undertake major revisions to the 2015-2020 DSM Framework or focus
    on specific updates that are more minor in nature?
  2. Goals and objectives: What should be the primary goal(s) and objective(s) of the post-2020
  3. Principles: Do the guiding principles from the 2015-2020 Framework remain appropriate?
    If not, what principles are needed and why?


The submission was also informed by coordination/discussions with the Clean Air Partnership, Pollution Probe, Environmental Defence and the Green Energy Coalition.