L'efficacité énergétique est une utilisation intelligente des revenus de la tarification du carbone


October 23, 2018

Efficiency Canada reacts to government’s pollution pricing plan

Ottawa – Efficiency Canada’s Executive Director made the following statement in reaction to the federal government’s announcement on carbon pricing.

“We are pleased to see the potential for some of the carbon pricing proceeds used to support energy savings in municipalities, universities, schools and colleges, hospitals, non-profits, and indigenous communities. We urge the federal government to support these sectors through well-designed energy efficiency initiatives.”

“Energy efficiency is an essential service in a low-carbon economy. Helping our buildings cut their energy waste cushions against unexpected costs, and frees up dollars to invest in social services and human resources.”

“Using some of the carbon price revenue for energy saving programs helps avoid boom-bust funding cycles. We know that when programs get abruptly cancelled, this leads to the loss of program delivery capabilities and breaks customer and investor confidence.”

“Each dollar invested in energy efficiency generates seven dollars of GDP, and energy efficiency can deliver 25% of the reductions required for Canada to meet its 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target. We need energy efficiency and carbon pricing to work together to reduce emissions and ensure energy affordability.”