About Efficiency Canada

We are the National voice for an energy efficient economy.

Using energy more efficiently represents the lowest cost and most abundant energy resource in Canada. Recognizing this through sound policy-making can drive economic growth, stable jobs, healthier homes and lead the fight against global climate change.


Advocate. Convene. Communicate.

Efficiency Canada advocates to make our country a global leader in energy efficiency. We convene people from across Canada’s economy to work together to advance policies required to take full advantage of energy efficiency. And we communicate the best research out there to build a more productive economy, sustainable environment, and socially just Canada.


By 2025, we envision a Canada where energy efficiency is:

  1. Widely recognized and treated as the “First Fuel”  by governments, regulators, utilities and consumers.
  2. Improving by at least 2% per year, double the historic rate of improvement.
  3. Supporting job growth across all sectors, trades and provinces.


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