DiscoverEE Webinars

A biweekly educational webinar series

DiscoverEE webinars are a bi-weekly educational series on various topics around energy efficiency. These webinars consist of a 20-minute presentation followed by a 25-minute community discussion (Q&A) for a total of 45 minutes. Join us Fridays at 12pm ET.

DiscoverEE webinars go on break in July and August and return in September.

Consider an Energy Efficiency Concierge Service


Ersilia Serafini from Summerhill will share the benefits of considering one central point of contact for all customer touch points related to energy efficiency program delivery.  This could include customer service support and outreach via phone/web/sms, application support and review, rebate processing, trade ally network management and customer satisfaction surveys.

Catch up on past webinars in the DiscoverEE series

Building performance webinars

Empowering municipalities to adopt net zero building codes

Kevin Lockhart introduces the major findings of The Municipal Guide to Net-Zero Energy Ready Building Codes – what’s in the codes, what’s not in the codes, what energy conservation measures are typical at each tier, what tools each city has at their disposal and what municipalities can do.

What Municipalities Need to Know About Net Zero Emissions Building Codes

Efficiency Canada has released a new guide for municipalities. Kevin walks through what municipalities need to know about net zero emissions building codes, to prepare for the 2025 net zero emissions building code.

Building Our Way to Net Zero

Targets have been laid out for the construction industry – get new buildings to net zero by the early 2030s. Not long afterwards, we’ll do the same to existing buildings in Canada. But how are we going to achieve that? What are the practical hurdles that the construction industry faces?

Low Rise Residential - Vancouver’s path towards 100% renewable energy

Low rise residential makes up 70% of what Vancouver builds annually (in terms of heated floor area), this presentation talks about Vancouver’s journey towards renewable energy used for space heating and hot water in new construction.

Energy poverty webinars

Energy Poverty: Risks and Vulnerability Using Latest Canadian Data

Abhi Kantamneni reviews how energy poverty amplifies existing vulnerabilities for Canadian households and make recommendations for targeted and decisive action to mitigate impacts for the most vulnerable households. 

Efficiency For All - Low-income energy efficiency programs in Canada

Energy poverty needs to be prioritized at the national level if the transition to net-zero emissions is to be fair and just, and energy efficiency should benefit all Canadians. 

Federal and provincial energy efficiency policy webinars

The 2022 Canadian Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Our Scorecard team presents the results of Efficiency Canada’s 2022 Canadian Energy Efficiency Scorecard. The Scorecard evaluates provincial policy and performance on energy efficiency over an 18-month period.

Efficiency Canada’s Five Key Areas for 2023

Wondering what Efficiency Canada sees as five critical policy areas in 2023? These focus areas will be crucial to reaching Canada’s climate goals by 2050 and beyond.

Indigenous energy efficiency webinars

An Overview of IESO’s Save on Energy Programs for First Nations Communities

Jimmy Lu from the IESO will provide an overview of energy efficiency in Ontario, the First Nations programs offered, and how the IESO is working with community partners to effectively deliver energy savings to First Nations.

Supporting Indigenous Energy Efficiency

Hear about what energy efficiency means from an Indigenous lens, what impacts it could have on communities, and how the Bringing It Home initiative is looking to support new projects and Indigenous leadership in this vital transition.

Innovation and technology in energy efficiency webinars

Air Sealing De-Mystified – A Custom Calculator That Instantly Measures and Evaluates Energy Savings

Every house needs to have drying potential, hence builders have to provide a mechanical ventilation system that brings in fresh air. However, as the house gets older it becomes leakier. To evaluate energy savings from air sealing, they’ll have to conduct the modelling twice. Now, a full Energuide audit will not be required anymore. Summerhill presents a tool also available in an app.

What’s next - Planning for an energy efficient future with innovative partnerships

Efficiency Manitoba’s Innovation Fund supports new and innovative energy-efficient technologies and approaches in the Manitoba market. It provides funding for near-term pilot projects and partnerships to reduce common barriers to emerging energy-efficient technologies and strategies and looks ahead to efficiency opportunities that can contribute to meeting our electricity and natural gas savings targets.

Industrial energy efficiency webinars

Strategies to Bolster Industrial Energy Management Practices in Canada

In this presentation, Efficiency Canada research manager James Gaede provides an overview of his recent research on industrial energy management programs and policy in Canada.


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