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Efficiency Canada – Procurement Policy


Efficiency Canada is the national voice of an energy efficient economy. We are a grant-based research organization of Carleton University. We primarily undertake our own projects and research; however, from time to time we rely on the skills, experience, networks and talent of the energy efficiency sector to complete our work. Working with our Allies, in a formal way, allows us to tap into existing expertise, thus growing the capacity of the sector to deliver strong work.

In an effort to remain independent and eliminate any conflict of interest, we follow Carleton University’s procurement policy, which entails receiving quotes for work up to $100K, and a formal RFP process for work above $100K.

In addition, Efficiency Canada will evaluate quotes/proposals with a team composed of faculty and staff, where appropriate. We will also work with Carleton University’s Purchasing Services to select approved vendors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions about our procurement process.


Current Opportunities

There are currently no open procurement opportunities available.


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