Quebec tops for electric cars but lags in energy conservation: report

Montreal Gazette

Quebec is tops at getting drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

But it lags far behind other provinces on electricity conservation, a weakness that could hamper Premier François Legault’s ambitious plan to shift more people away from oil.

Those are among the conclusions of the first provincial energy-efficiency ranking, published Tuesday by Efficiency Canada, an advocacy organization based at Carleton University in Ottawa.

After comparing every province’s policies regarding buildings, transportation and industry, Efficiency Canada ranked Quebec second overall, behind British Columbia.

Efficiency Canada wants to focus public attention on the benefits of conserving energy and to encourage provincial governments to emulate successful programs, said Brendan Haley, lead author of the report.

“If we want to meet our climate change goals, most analyses show that about 40 per cent of those emission reductions could come from energy efficiency,” said Haley, who is policy director at Efficiency Canada.

“Even if you don’t consider carbon, there are other reasons to save energy — cost savings, a more productive economy, increased comfort and health for people who live and work in buildings.”

Quebec did particularly well in two categories: electric and plug-in hybrids, and natural gas conservation.

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