Energy efficiency scorecard shows B.C. leading, but all provinces with room to improve

The Energy Mix

British Columbia leads, Saskatchewan along with Newfoundland and Labrador lag, and no province receives a score above 58 points on a 100-point scale in the first annual provincial energy efficiency scorecard released yesterday by Efficiency Canada.

B.C. was the only province to score above 50%, in what the report describes as the first “comprehensive scoring of energy efficiency policy in the Canadian provinces”. Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia all show up in a second tier, with ratings of 48, 47, and 45.

The scorecard appears just a couple of weeks after the International Energy Agency warned that energy efficiency improvements are slowing down worldwide, falling “well below the 3% minimum that IEA analysis shows is central to achieving global climate and energy goals”.

Efficiency Canada’s scoring aims to reward provinces for delivering energy efficiency performance and outcomes that are measurable, comparable, action-oriented, and for which the organization could gain access to qualitative or quantitative data. While the scorecard shows considerable room for improvement in every jurisdiction, the results are still powerful enough to establish energy efficiency as “the unsung hero of our energy system,” the scorecard states.

“Without improvements in energy intensity between 1990 and 2015, Canada would have spent C$38.2 billion more on energy and emitted 94.8 more megatonnes (Mt) of greenhouse gas emissions.”

The organization also points to the estimated 436,000 Canadians directly employed in energy efficiency in 2018, citing a report released earlier this year by ECO Canada. “That is a larger work force than can be found in key sectors of our economy—such as oil and gas, or telecommunications—that receive considerably greater policy attention,” the scorecard notes.

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