Working with Indigenous People on Environmental Projects

Think differently when engaging Indigenous Peoples on environmental projects. First Nation participation in environmental decision making is increasingly recognized as vital to the move towards greater sustainability. Indigenous peoples worldwide share a unique and profound bond with the environment. Join Gary Pritchard, Environmental Project Manager from Curve Lake First Nation, to gain an understanding of how to work with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples when engaging on environmental business or projects. This webinar is intended to get young professionals thinking about how they do business with or conduct environmental business differently with local first nation communities. Participants will learn how to search out local First Nation community interests based on the proximity of a project location to treaty rights and when engagement should take place. The webinar is modelled after Rivers Edge Education and Consulting’s transformative workshop model, with a special focus on environmental projects. This webinar is designed for employers, employees, and professionals who currently work or would like to work with Indigenous people on environmental projects. Get Started Regular Price: $65 EP Member Price: Free Course Length: 60 Mins Career Stage: All Career Stages

Insulation & Air Sealing Training Courses


Free online green building skills training for building a more sustainable Canada. Insulation and air sealing installer training, air barriers, and more are currently open for online registration. National Insulation and Air Sealing Training Program Focus on National Code and National Energy Code requirements. This comprehensive 9 part series presents construction and renovation focused learning content, based on input from industry, government and manufacturing sources. Certificate upon completion. Air Barriers for Professionals Air Barriers for Professionals is practically oriented information for residential construction workers and renovators who deal with air tightness, insulation and various control barriers to improve the energy efficiency of homes. Certificate upon completion.


Indigenous Awareness 101

An introduction to the histories, cultures and issues facing Indigenous Peoples in Canada. With over 1.6 million people in Canada identifying as Indigenous, it is essential to recognize the heritage, diversity, and rights of Indigenous Nations. The histories, traditions, and beliefs of Indigenous communities are unique and all cultures are integral to Canada. Many employers consider Indigenous Awareness as essential knowledge for job seekers and professionals. Brad Spence from ECO Canada presents “Indigenous Awareness 101” which explores issues facing Indigenous peoples today from historical and critical perspectives. This webinar is designed for people who want to learn more about Indigenous peoples and support the reconciliation efforts in Canada. Learn more about the issues facing Indigenous peoples today from historical and critical perspectives. Register now to access the free webinar video.

Indigenous Perspective on the Environmental Assessment Process

Consultation is Key to a Successful Environmental Assessment (EA) Process Traditional Knowledge (TK) has formed an integral role in how we, the Indigenous Peoples, see and understand changes to the environment. For Indigenous communities, TK continues to serve as an important building block on how we determine change and environmental impacts on any particular activity. The Environmental Assessment (EA) process in its broadest sense is not new to Indigenous Communities, however, over time it has been formalized and serves as an interaction between their knowledge systems and Western development. In this 2-part webinar, hear first-hand experience of how TK impacts the EA process. This course is ideal for: Consultants Project Managers Project Coordinators Policy and Regulatory Analysts/Officials Team Leaders and Management Get Started Regular Price: $99 EP Member Price: Free Course Length: 2 hrs Career Stage: All Career Stages

LEED Green Associate Training


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is simply a sustainability scorecard for green buildings. The LEED Green Associate is the only professional designation to show employers and clients you have certified knowledge in the field. To date, this course and its materials have proven to be instrumental in helping over 8000 students pass their respective exams at a 99% pass rate. This course is offered at a quarter of the price and time as the competition and is geared at allowing students to graduate with letters after their name! This course is instructed by a USGBC Faculty member and is the most effective way to pass. Save money by registering today and make a positive difference in your career!

Transform the Market: How Mid-Stream Programs Drive Energy Savings and Conservation Culture


Mid-Stream Energy Efficiency programs work directly with product distributors, incentivizing participants to shift their supply chain toward energy efficient alternatives. In this session, we will go over what exactly is a "Mid-Stream Program" and show how Mid-Stream programs can help you influence the wholesaler market to stock more energy efficient equipment on shelves and showrooms and increase the share of end users who opt for the more efficient option. As a case study, we will show how Enbridge’s Midstream Program in Ontario has matured into a reliable source of savings and how it can grow to do even more. We’ll also touch on some of our emerging Mid-Stream programs in the West and the U.S.


Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP)


The process of measurement and verification (M&V) involves planning, measuring, and analyzing data to verify energy savings achieved through the implementation of energy conservation measures. This three-day CMVP course enables participants to thoroughly understand modern M&V standards, guidelines, and protocols. The CMVP program and certification ensure that professionals understand essential M&V concepts by improving their ability to communicate effectively with partners, thereby leading to smoother project implementation. Completing this training and earning the CMVP certification elevates technical expertise and ethical standards in energy efficiency and performance measurement. Professionals gain the skills to effectively implement M&V principles in diverse building types, including existing buildings, new constructions, and industrial facilities, and enable companies to implement cost saving activities. Visit to learn more about this course and to register (website link below)


Alberta Energy Efficiency + Innovation Summit

The Hudson Downtown Calgary, Canada

The Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance (AEEA) and the Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association (SSRIA) are partners in bringing together over 200 leaders for the province’s largest two-day conference, dedicated to advancing the adoption of energy efficiency and innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings sector. This year’s Summit will provide attendees with a forum to collaborate, learn, network, and gain insight into the latest trends in energy efficiency deployment, and innovative technology, products and processes for buildings of all types. How buildings and the utility system interact will also be prominently featured throughout the Summit. Showcasing industry experts, innovators and leaders in the field, important discussions will take place and further the action needed to continue to foster innovation and help deliver the important economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency in the province.

Energizing Efficiency

Atlantic Canada’s premier energy efficiency conference, Energizing Efficiency 2024, is back for its fifth year, and it's going to be our biggest year yet!​ ​Elevate your efficiency knowledge and network with leaders in energy efficiency for buildings, transportation, communities and more. Learn from experts. Connect with industry players. Explore energy solutions and create opportunities for collaboration. ​ Prepare to be inspired This year’s conference will combine keynotes from industry visionaries with hyper-focused breakout sessions, working sessions with efficiency leaders, engaging panel discussions and our popular “ask an expert” sessions. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and network at Energizing Efficiency 2024.

Advanced Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx)


Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) involves improving the performance of existing buildings. Over the years, there has been growing interest in EBCx projects since they are proven to be an effective means of identifying low-cost or no-cost operational improvements that can enhance occupant comfort and achieve energy savings. They may be conducted as a standalone activity or as part of renovation or modernization projects. The four-day Advanced Course on Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) program comprehensively covers all the stages of the EBCx process. This includes planning, investigation, implementation, and hand-over monitoring. The course provides detailed presentations on each stage to enable participants to develop a comprehensive understanding of the entire process and to gain all the expected benefits. This course covers the fundamental principles of building mechanical systems and explores effective testing and verification methods. Participants also gain a comprehensive understanding of the investigation process. Visit to learn more about this course and to register (website link below)


CIET Connect: Hamilton Edition

NERVA ENERGY 41A Brockley Drive, Unit 1, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Following an Exclusive Industry Event highlighting Practical Options for Multi-Res Tower Renewal, join the Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET) for a free networking event – CIET Connect, with special co-host NERVA Energy. CIET Connect is a casual networking opportunity for people in the energy and decarbonization sector. Drop into this first CIET Connect event in Hamilton for some great conversation, a drink and the chance to connect with other professionals who are passionate about conservation and sustainability.

Certified RETScreen Expert (CRE)


The Certified RETScreen® Expert (CRE) is designed for those who have either completed the Introduction to RETScreen® Expert course or who have some previous experience with the software. The CRE program is aimed at enhancing participants’ skills in analyzing all types of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Additionally, the program equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of new RETScreen® analysis features, including the Virtual Energy Analyzer and Portfolio Analysis Module, as well as energy performance data monitoring. Visit to learn more about this course and to register (website link below)



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