Celebrating Canada’s champions for an energy efficient recovery

June 26, 2020

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  • A recovery focused on clean energy, justice, and environmental responsibility will be key to both immediate and long term economic results
  • Efficiency Canada is one of many organizations calling for a just and green economic recovery
  • There are a variety of plans being championed across Canada, advancing the cause at every level (from cities, to international bodies)
At Efficiency Canada, we know that there are a lot of reasons to advocate for an energy efficient economic recovery. You can read our blog series parts one, two, and three to explore how energy efficiency can be a key part of a fast and resilient stimulus plan, and see our plan in three steps. Efficiency policies are not only job creators with widespread economic impacts, but they also make our homes healthier, address energy poverty, and reduce our emissions (and so much more).

We are proud to champion these ideas, and we are proud that we are not alone. Across Canada; from coast to coast to coast; municipally, provincially, federally and internationally; from NGOs to coalitions to trade allies, diverse voices are demanding a clean and resilient recovery.

We want to highlight some of the stimulus plans being championed across Canada. Explore the list below and follow the links to see the work that’s being done.

We can’t do it alone, and we celebrate everyone that joins in the calls for a strong, resilient future.


Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance – Sent a letter to the Federal government on April 21st, describing “the immediate and substantial opportunity to create green jobs while reducing
emissions and diversifying the economy in Alberta with energy efficiency (EE) programming”

Calgary Climate Hub – The first of their 5 key asks directed to City Council for a green stimulus is to “invest in energy-efficient buildings, including the four capital buildings (Event Centre, Fieldhouse, BMO Centre and Arts Commons)”

Climate Justice Edmonton – A Just Recovery plan proposed in Edmonton demands new jobs in “zero-carbon energy production, green building retrofits, care work, and other low-carbon work”

Edmonton Global – Their comprehensive plan calls for investment into energy saving smart-grid technologies, among other recommendations

Energy Efficiency Alberta – Wrote a blog about the energy efficiency as stimulus, and the potential provincial impacts

British Columbia

Community Energy Association – On May 14th, the Community Energy Association (CEA) and the BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council (BCMCLC) hosted an online dialogue called ‘The Opportunity of Here and Now: Local Governments and a Green Recovery’.

Green Technology Education Centre – Among jobs for youth and affordable housing, this group calls for investments into “mass deep, neighbourhood-scale building retrofits”.

Home Performance Stakeholder Counci – Released a report on June 2, analysing the impact of COVID-19 on the industry and recommending home energy programs for stimulus and recovery


Green Action Centre – A blog about Winnipeg’s post-pandemic future envisions changes including investments into green infrastructure like active transportation, and policies for urban densification

New Brunswick

Conservation Council of New Brunswick – Their #betterthannormal campaign includes an open letter and petition built around improved food security, energy security, and stronger protections for nature and water

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Association – Efforts are being made to collect green stimulus ideas from members to help achieve net zero emissions by the year 2050

Nova Scotia

Clean Foundation – Visit their database of clean recovery ideas, articles, and blogs, and read the op-ed written by their CEO Scott Skinner

Ecology Action Centre – On May 28th, they wrote a six-page letter to the provincial government asking for a comprehensive suite of green recovery initiatives, including Net-Zero Energy Ready social housing and a tripling of the efficiency of the electricity sector


Clean Air Partnership- Researched and produced a list of Ontario municipalities’ shovel-worthy projects, including electric vehicle infrastructure in Mississauga and and a building automation system in Caledon, among others

Environmental Defence – Their executive director created a blog championing retrofits, green transportation, geothermal power, a circular economy, greener chemicals, and great lake protection for a post-COVID future

The Atmospheric Fund – Their blog outlines opportunities to ‘lock-in’ climate solutions through green stimulus, including zero emissions vehicle infrastructure and an expansion of the Climate Action Incentive Fund

Toronto Environmental Alliance – A campaign has been launched to advocate for a clean and just recovery, including a letter to city council calling for a city-wide building retrofit campaign

Prince Edward Island

Know of an initiative? Please contact Kirstin Pulles: kirstin.pulles@efficiencycanada.org.


Conseil québécois des entreprises en efficacité énergétique (CQ3E) – Their work on LinkedIn highlights the role of energy efficiency in economic stimulus


Johnson Shoyama Graduate School – A policy brief outlines how COVID-19 could present a long awaited window of opportunity for renewables and energy efficiency


12 of Canada’s clean energy organizations – Submitted a joint letter to the Federal government calling for a clean-energy focused stimulus

Broadbent Institute – A blog on their site highlights the potential for a long term recovery through climate action programs including the creation of a “green bank” and the ramping up of existing climate funds

Canada Green Building Council – Released a seven-page report recommending workforce development, a retrofit economy, and zero carbon new construction

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment – Since a healthy planet and healthy people are invariably intertwined, read their Healthy Recovery Report and send a letter in favour of net zero electricity, transportation and electricity as a path to economic recovery

Corporate Knights – Built a green recovery hub of commissioned research and gathered leaders from finance, business, labour, policy, Indigenous and other communities to develop new solutions for Building Back Better

Fenestration Canada – Has a letter on their site for the public to send to their representatives asking for increased efficiency spending and programming

Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada – Has a letter on their site for the public to send to their representatives asking for increased efficiency spending and programming

Indigenous Climate Action – Hosted a four part webinar series connecting healthy land with healthy people, and focused on building Indigenous communities of care during COVID19, structured around four themes: Caution, Ceremony, Compassion and Community.

Just Recovery for All – A movement demanding a distinct break from business-as-usual after COVID-19, highlighting health and wellbeing, social safety nets, workers and communities, resiliency, solidarity and equity, and indigenous rights and partnerships with indigenous peoples

National Trust Canada – Sent a letter to the Federal government on April 23 recommending energy retrofitting of older/heritage building as part of a $230m stimulus plan

North American Insulation Manufacturers Association – Wrote a blog highlighting building retrofits as a key stimulus tool for economic recovery

Ontario Home Builders’ Association, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, and the Building Industry and Land Development Association – Among other measures to stimulate the real estate market, these associations are calling for a permanent energy retrofit tax credit

Pembina – Released a Green Stimulus publication outlining principles and recommendations for a clean recovery, including a major nation-wide infrastructure investment into retrofits

Resilient Recovery – 366 signatories representing 2,172 companies have signed on to support a resilient recovery, focusing on cleantech and clean energy

Siding and Windows Dealers Association of Canada – Has a letter on their site for the public to send to their representatives asking for increased efficiency spending and programming

Smart Prosperity Institute – Is investigating how Canada’s stimulus spending can support a low-carbon, resource-efficient and sustainable economic recovery and creating a list of useful resources


International Energy Agency – For a deep dive into all things recovery, read their report outlining how an energy focused recovery impacts buildings, transport, industry, fuels and electricity.

United Nations Development Program – Their blog highlights how clean energy investments can contribute to improved health and energy access, alongside economic stimulus

World Wildlife Foundation – Arctic Council – Their letter to Arctic leaders highlights the region’s unique climate vulnerabilities and demands a just, sustainable recovery


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